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Would you like to learn simple techniques to help your body and mind let go and relax after stressful work and life situations? In this workshop we will learn several energy practices from the field of energy psychology and energy medicine which you can use throughout your work day and share with friend and family. You will also be introduced to resources to facilitate your ongoing practice and learning.



Rachael Michaelsen

Rachel Michaelsen, MSW, LCSW, D-CEP, lives and works in the San Francisco Bay Area, where she has a private practice and trains mental health professionals on a range of subjects including energy psychology, trauma-informed care, diagnosis, clinical supervision, and law and ethics. More than 20 years ago, Rachel learned about Energy Psychology through her own healing process and was excited by the positive results. She pursued training in the field, and started using EFT, TAT, and AIT with her individual clients and groups. More recently, Rachel has added sound healing and Havening to the modalities she uses in her work. She is a Diplomate in Comprehensive Energy Psychology. With a background in social work, Rachel has always focused on the impact of the environment on individuals. She is also interested in the impact of unresolved trauma on individuals’ well-being and on their communities. Rachel is the Chair of ACEP’s Humanitarian Committee.