Product Description


Olya Perevalova will be presenting on how to apply relational cultural theory to interpreter training and professional practice. Relational-cultural theory (RCT) postulates that people grow in and towards relationships. It is a different take on human growth because traditionally, development is viewed in terms of becoming more independent. RCT also foregrounds the role of culture (context) in how people connect or become successful. Perevalova will briefly explain the main ideas in RCT and will bring the concepts to life by illustrating them with stories from personal experience.


Speaker’s Bio

Olya Perevalova

Olya Perevalova is a practicing interpreter in Houston, TX, where she works with TechTrans International and provides language support at NASA. She holds a Master’s Degree in Conference Interpretation from the Middlebury Institute of International Studies in Monterey (MIIS), and is currently pursuing a doctoral degree in Instructional Technology and Adult Education at American College of Education. Her research is focused on building connections is online academic settings and application of relational cultural theory to education.