Product Description


If real food is meant to nurture us, and heal us, how come we are getting sicker and sicker and we are getting addicted to “food like” products? In this workshop you will discover 3 simple and proven strategies to get back to loving the foods that love you back.



Liz Urbina

Liz Urbina mentors and inspires busy women struggling with eating healthy consistently, and having digestive issues, low energy levels, and weight gain, to create simple, fool proof healthy meals, so they can feel consistently better in their own skin and achieve optimum health. She is the founder of the Diet-Free Conscious Eating Academy.

Her 22 years of Engineering experience built her love into systems, processes, research, experimentation and scientific evidence.

Her own health challenges led her to devote her last 10 years to find a way to take control of her own health. Through intensive research, mentorship, and testing, she discovered a system to transform her own health, the health of her family, friends and clients.